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About Us

Dragon's Lair Artist Emporium is the brain child of the owner, who is herself an independently published author. 

Frustrated with the lack of venues available to independent authors, and longing for a home for her own books, she decided to start her own store, dedicated to featuring authors worldwide, who had chosen the path of a self-publishing career.


Author Susan Faw, Owner of Dragon's Lair Artist Emporium


Make no mistake, authors consciously choose to self publish for many, many reasons. Most of those reasons are reasoned approaches to building a business.
Even with the advent of the e-book, and e-publishing, the ability to gain shelf space in a physical, brick and mortar store, has remained beyond the reach of most independently published authors. Such space is reserved for big business and publishing companies, who pay large amounts of money to rent those spaces, in the major bookstore chains. It has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the books themselves.
The lack of physical store shelf availability, and inclusion in a physical bookstore, is a difficult thing to arrange and achieve. Unfair industry practices prevent authors from freely disseminating their work, and physical stores are often contract bound to provide shelf space only to those wo are traditionally published authors.
Dragon's Lair was born to give the independently published author what they have long been denied - space on a physical store shelf.
Not only is this space for them, but our business model is built around showcasing the amazing, unrepresented talent that exists in the indie publishing sphere. 
Browse our store and be prepared to be amazed at the 'undiscovered' talent that is out there. We will always make room for indie published books. We are all about indie publishing. 



We hope that you will explore our site and then explore the soon-to-be thousands of authors who will be represented in this space. 
Because we are a start up, and because indie authors are lean and adaptable business partners, we will not stock huge inventories of a select few novels.
In fact, our business model is built on a lean inventory system, which means if you spy a book you are interested in, you had better grab it before it is gone.
We guarantee that there are very limited quantities of each book we stock.
This is by design, as we keep the offerings fresh and exciting.

As the store evolves, we will be adding more features, such as live readings, and interviews, interactive sessions and a robust podcast that will run live from our own instore studio.
We intend you to get to know these authors, in ways that have never been possible before, in one location. You could call it our mandate.
So browse the store. Take a book for a drive. Grab some amazing chocolate and some amazing tea to sip.

 Welcome to the Dragon's Lair Artist Emporium!